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What is overhead travelling bridge crane?

What is overhead travelling bridge crane?

The bridge crane is a kind of overhead travelling crane, also known as name of overhead crane or EOT crane, the bridge crane is travelling along the fixed track on both sides of workshop, the lifting mechanism is travelling along the track of bridge crane’s main beam, constitute a rectangular working range, can make full use of the space below the bridge to lift and move materials, not hindered by the ground equipment. The characteristics of bridge crane are that the heavy weight material hanging on the hook and other devices can be lifted vertically or moved horizontally in space.

The bridge crane includes lifting mechanism, main beams, end carriages, travelling units and electrical control system. Depending on the coordination of these mechanisms, heavy objects can be lifted and carried in a certain cubic space. The overhead crane includes single girder bridge crane, double girder bridge crane and four girder bridge crane.

The frame of single girder bridge crane:

single girder bridge crane

The frame of double girder bridge crane:

double girder bridge crane


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